Tomorrows Legends Volume I
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Tomorrows Legends Volume III
Would you like to have one video with Springcreek Rock, Finley River Chief, Houses Lipper, the Motley or Nance Line of Dogs on it?  So would I, but unfortunately there is no such video available.  However, there is a video with over 30 of the nation's top competition coonhounds, young dogs sired by them, and interviews with their owners.  Its name is TOMORROWS LEGENDS and its now available for your enjoyment.

Now available - VOLUME II!!!  We've crossed the nation to continue the action with 34 more of the greatest coonhounds in the hunt today.   More video, More interviews!  See interviews with great breeders like Duane Clark, John Monroe, David Fletcher and Jess Dickerson.

Tomorrows Legends Volume III is continuing itís tradition of bringing you a first hand look at  some of the nationís finest coonhounds. Featuring thirty-three stud dogs, three high profile females, and interviews with stud dog owners and Coonhunting legends Russ Bellar and Jarvis Umphers. Volume III is sure to spark your interest. We are extremely excited with the line-up of great hounds on this edition. We hope you enjoy TOMORROWS LEGENDS Volume III as much as we have enjoyed producing it.

TOMORROWS LEGENDS is more than a stud dog directory... It's a piece of HISTORY.  Just imagine 10, 20 or even 50 years from now looking back at the dogs of today... TOMORROWS LEGENDS is your chance to own a piece of HISTORY.
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Featured Hounds Volume I

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Featured Hounds Volume II
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Featured Hounds Volume III

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Volume I & II 
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See Several interviews with some real living
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TOMORROWS LEGENDS Volume I and II are available on both VHS or DVD and each volume features approximately 3 hours of UKC World Champions - PKC World Champion - GR. NT. CH's -NT. CH's - PKC- CH's -SCH's - GCH's - PCH's.  Old dogs, young dogs and lots of action.  Volume III only available on DVD.

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